Top Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale That You Should Visit To Enjoy a Happy Meal

Broward County is possibly best known for the city of Fort Lauderdale. There are numerous outstanding places to eat out in the city. In case you are a foodie and planning to visit Fort Lauderdale this vacation then apart from knowing about the tourist spots here you should also know about the popular eateries in the city so that you can dine in there.

Listed below are some of the most popular restaurants in the city that you simply cannot miss to visit:

  • Temple Street Eatery: This food joint merges American, Vietnamese, Latin and Chinese influences. This is an ideal place to go for a casual lunch or dinner especially if you are not ready to shell out a lot of money. The most popular dishes here include edamame falafel pita sandwich and kimchi quesadilla and classic noodle bowls.
  • Kelly’s Landing: This bistro is known for serving fresh, local seafood to the patrons. The best thing about this place is that here you can get quality meal at a fair price.
  • Foxy Brown: This is a gastropub known for adding twists on classics. Do not forget to try Beefaroni and the grilled cheese that features banana bread stuffed with Nutella. Whether you are here for dinner, lunch or weekend brunches ensure you pair your meal with a signature drink such as the flavored cereal milk, or mango mimosa.

  • Green Bar & Kitchen: This restaurant is known for its cheesesteaks and buffalo sandwiches and burgers. Also here you can get beer, cold pressed juices and kombucha on tap, in addition to wine, and preaches. Whether you are a vegan or strictly non-vegetarian do not worry as this place has everything available for you.
  • Noor Bakery & Deli: This is an authentic Lebanese bakery that makes several types of hand pies, all of which are savory and amazingly filling. You cannot go wrong with the falafel sandwich of the bakery, but for something different, order the labneh and zaatar.

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Top Places in Brisbane To Visit With Kids & Family

If you planning to spend the vacation with your kids and family in Brisbane, Australia and you have already got the United Airlines Flights done, then it is high time that you know about the most popular kids’ friendly places here when you can take your entire family to. Mentioned below are some of the most kids’ friendly places in Brisbane:

  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane: The preferred native animal sanctuary in Brisbane, Lone Pine is the first and largest koala sanctuary in the world. Here you can get the chance to meet more than 130 koalas, encounter other Australian wildlife and hand-feed kangaroos without fences. This is certainly a great place for the kids.
  • Brisbane Valley Ostrich & Fish Farm, Somerset: Here you can feed Lou Lou the emu and learn all about ostriches on a guided walk. While here, go for a round of grasp and let go fishing with fishing rods. Located in Esk, Somerset, the farm also houses geese, black swans, ducks and guinea fowls, in addition to a flock of red deer.
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: Just one hour south of Brisbane this is one of the most popular places of attractions for the kids. Earlier the place was famous only for birds, but now it boasts dozens of areas and hundreds of local animals and farm yard animals. It comprises an animal hospital, conservation sections and Aboriginal cultural shows and exhibits.
  • Creek Wildlife Centre: This is the animal rescue and conservation centre for Southern D’Aguilar National Park and is a perfect place for toddlers and elderly adults. You can take a stroll among the wallabies and kangaroos, walk under the gorgeous native birds and see both creepy and furry nocturnal animals at play here. This place is extremely affordable and has dining options as well as an education centre.

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Let’s San Francisco with United Airlines

San Francisco is a city that you will love visiting! It’s high-tech infrastructure and startups, variety of restaurants with diverse cuisines, and fun small neighborhoods will leave you blushed with happiness. This city offers mild climate all the year round, though if you are a rain lover, you will get to witness regular rains between November and March.

If you are a great explorer, then visiting the Union Street Inn is the perfect idea since it combines both the elegance and serenity of an Edwardian home. If you are worrying about the accommodation, then you absolutely need not! Palace hotel is the most beautiful hotel that you will find to stay in. It is the city’s oldest or can say the most historic hotel. Its beauty is timeless. Even if you don’t plan your stay here, coming for an afternoon high tea in its Garden Court and a cocktail at Pied Piper is worth all your energy!

All the flight luxuries provided by United Airlines Official Site will make your trip to San Francisco is worth it! One of the iconic landmarks of San Francisco and the famous north entrance into downtown is ‘The Golden Gate Bridge’. If you are a bike lover, then viewing it by bike is the perfect way. So just rent a bike and explore the Sausalito! There is a very big park known by the name ‘Golden Gate Park’, a small walk there among the one thousand acres of beautifully woven gardens is a must try. This is also home to the California Academy of Sciences which you will love exploring!

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Thailand’s Most Beautiful Breathtaking Beach

Thailand is known for its breath-taking and beautiful beaches across the world. Some of the vast sea island and longest beaches attract thousands of tourists from across the world. Thailand is considered the paradise of sugary white sand and dramatic islands. Every tourist has knowledge about the tropical beaches of Thailand which is famous around the globe. If you wish to share enjoyment with your loved one in the beaches of Thailand, then do not late in arriving the “nation of the sea”. One can visit the United Airlines Flights for the best offers on flights.

Let’s check out some of the interesting and beautiful beaches in Thailand.

Phulay Bay

This beaches of the bay is totally different from the other beaches in the nation. This is partially surrounded by jungles and the karsts of the dramatic limestone. The beaches of the bay offer the best opportunities to enjoy the linking of a sea with bay at one junction. It would be good if you stay in a resort to get the best glimpses of the bay.

Koh Lipe

The Koh Lipe is declared “The Perfect Beach” in “Best of the World 2012” list composed by the National Geographic Traveler. To arrive at the beach, the traveler needs to take the boat to roam around the island in the sea. It is reported that the national park near the Koh Lipe home to 25% of the tropical beach species in the world.

Patong beach

If you are addicted to visiting the pub and disco on regular basis, then the Patong beach is the best place for you. The 3.5 kilometers long Patong Beach is known across the globe for its nightlife. The mixing of setting sun and the sand can lead you the land of fairy. Starting off the evening, the beach lovers have access to the fun and enjoyment at the pub adjoining the beach. You may check out the United Airlines Official Site to get the best deals on flights

Top-Rated Restaurants to Try in Spain with United Airlines

Spain as a tourist destination represents vibrant energy and an enchanting blend of the past and present. There are numerous attractions for the travellers in this country, and those are the pure soul of Spain. Its rich culture and enchanting natural beauty also have the reflection in its cuisine. If you are planning to visit Spain this vacation, find the best of the United Airlines Official Site and prepare yourself for a culinary delight.

Spain boasts of some of the best restaurants in the world and these restaurants top the charts every year in various ratings. We bring you a few good ones amongst those.

El Celler de Can Roca: Located in Girona, the restaurant is run by three brothers. This Catalan restaurant is known for its 14-course meal along with the most excellent wines and sherries. Do try the sea fish roger here that is served with a sauce of garlic, tomato and parsley.

Asador Etxebarri: The restaurant got the 10th place in the worldwide ranking. It is located in Biscay, and with this restaurant, your search for the best steak and caviar ends. The restaurant offers custom-made Asador grill, serving fish, steak and vegetable. All are grilled over wood laden with ultra-fresh ingredients.

Arzak: Chef Elena Arzak presently manages this eatery. When her father left for the San Sebastian restaurant, she took over and transformed the place. Do try their flounder which they prepare meticulously with Mamia or milk curd.

UMA: This restaurant in Barcelona has earned its rightful place on the charts due to the culinary uniqueness that it offers. There no fixed menu and the dishes prepared on a particular day depending on the ingredients that are available in fresh form. You got only five tables here and be prepared to join the queue.

La Vieja Bodega: In the small town of Casalarreina is La Vieja Bodega. Visit here to experience and taste the Spanish tradition. Try the variety of wines and traditional Spanish cuisine.

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Adventurous Spots to Experience in Thailand

Thailand has a lot to offer for those of us who wish to mix our vacations with adventure activities. The charm of temples, tuk-tuks and the Thai street food along with a vibrant adventure scene attracts a lot of tourists. The action-lover and thrill-seeker type of tourists have a variety of waters sports, skydiving, mountain biking and bungee jumping opportunities. Do not let adrenaline fizz down, just one of the United Airlines Flights and here you are.

Scuba Diving

Visit the Surin Islands, dive in the Richelieu Rock, and swim with sharks. Swimming with these 30 feet giants is a different feeling altogether. Similan Islands are another favourite place for scuba diving. Gigantic as these creatures may appear, there is no need of concern as no unpleasant incidents are reported.

River Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an activity suggested to even the novice of the adventure enthusiasts. Try water rafting in Thailand from rapids range anything to level 1 to level 5. Surrounded by tropical forests, wild animals and bamboo camps, prepare yourself for a trip of a lifetime.  Pai, Chiang Mai and Chumpon are few of the places of Northern Thailand preferable for river rafting.

Sky Diving

Claim your wings and fly by jumping off a plane. Skydiving is one of the most demanded adventure activity in Thailand. Free falling from the sky is going to be an experience entirely different from anything else that you might have tried earlier.  Pattaya is the place for it.

Bungee Jumping

While in Pattaya, try bungee jumping as well, it is another activity that equals the thrill of skydiving. Falling upside down from a height of 200 meters with legs attached to a rope, it is undoubtedly not for the faint-hearted.

Still left wanting for more adventure-based activities in Thailand try human slingshot, zip lining, flyboarding or rock climbing. Find United Airlines Reservations, head straight to Thailand, and let your adventure vacation begin.