DUBAI – The Entertainment Capital of the Middle East

It is love at first sight for anyone who visits Dubai. The moment you step of the luxurious flight you got from United Airlines Official Site you will at once realize that Dubai is one big wow. Its living heart of Old Dubai offers a cultural heritage that will take you beyond the glitz. The fun camel-riding, belly-dancing, the dune-jumping adventure in the desert are some of the most enjoyable activities you will come across which will make you extend the number of holidays you have taken from your office. The dancing fountains at the BurjKhalifa will be a feast to your eyes as you will have this incredible experience.

Well, it just doesn’t end here, it has the biggest skyscraper on the planet, a very innovative piece of architecture. It’s incredible how fast it grows this city… 40 years ago there was nothing here, and now you have one of the biggest metropolia on earth! There is no doubt why Dubai is known as the entertainment capital of the Middle East! It is a city where every tourist will experience greatness in every small entail: galleries showcasing contemporary Arabic art, cosy teahouses, crowded souks filled with gold, spices and fine Emirati cuisine, a sleek metro that zips through the sky like something out of Blade Runner, man-made islands, giant shopping malls, indoor ski, water parks, clubs and bars, desert, luxury hotels, and the amazing fountain shows. United Airlines Flights give you the best airline deals if you cannot want to miss the opportunity to visit this city, at a reasonable best price.

Also, it is a paradise for meat lovers! With a name that literally means ‘The Grill’, the La Parrilla restaurant exudes sizzling meats from the very moment you arrive. The atmosphere, situated in Dubai, is the tallest restaurant in the world, and the food at ambience there is fabulous. It’s always summer in Dubai and so the best time to visit is during October-March when the temperatures are cool. Choose United Airlines Reservations and you will have a great experience if you want to visit and explore the city.

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