Must Try Street Food for all the Food Lovers in Vietnam

Vietnam is colorful and vibrant as a tourist destination. Its Ho Chi Minh City has history, culture, and heritage that attract visitors here. Even the street food scene is fantastic here.  It is a paradise if you are a food lover. The herbs, spices and the recipes are a delight for everyone.  You will find numerous options for street food.

We have suggestions for you the street food that you must try when in Vietnam. Prepare yourself for a tummy-pleasing experience. United Airlines Flights has several offers for you when you book your United Airlines Flights that you should try when traveling.

Banh Mi

It is a local sandwich perfect to satisfy your hunger pangs. It is a sort of fusion food and is made up of roasted pork, rice, coriander, and chilies. It goes great with soy sauce. The tangy taste with slight sugary feel is a culinary riot.

Bun Mam

Also known as Vietnamese gumbo, it is a local street food delicacy. It is prepared with fish and vermicelli soup that is fermented. You will find plenty of street-side stalls selling it. The fish broth goes along with it that has pork bellies, squids, prawns and vegetables that are cooked in steam.  Health and taste, this local delicacy has both.

Goi Cuon

Pork, prawns, and vegetable are elegantly wrapped for make GoiCuon. Wait for it not your usual wrap or roll, it’s different and unusual in taste.  It is a local spring roll with a twist; it is a salad roll that is served with peanut sauce with many flavors.

CangCua and Oc

The perfect evening snack is equally the favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Grilled crab claws, snails, lime and chilies are the main ingredients of this dish.  It is deep fried with garlic and sugar. For many tourists, it is a top priority to try when in Vietnam.

These are not all; you will find plenty of more local delicacies that you must try when in Vietnam.  Your trip to this beautiful country will get more exciting by grabbing the United Airlines Reservations.

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